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  3. Looking at you

    As you sit close by

    As your mind passes by

    As my heart beats and it gives a try

    A try I thought we were sharing

    A feeling I thought was spreading

    A feeling I began inhaling

    A karmic slap

    Of what I did to girls that fell in my trap

    That as a man we think we are supposed to adapt

    To lay it out so they believe in our lies

    Believe in our tries

    Complete bullshit

    As I pay for my karmic sins

    My eyes fall into seams

    Into yours

    Holes that cease to exist

    Looking at you is a mistake

    Looking at you is my stake

    One I was ready to take

    One more look

    And it’s you who will break

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  11. arsenalcounterattacks:

    @faizan_afc: Wilshere to Terry “F**k off you f**kin p****y”

    Terry is a man who has racially abused players, then denied it in court.

    He also cheated on his wife with a teammate’s wife.

    He is literally a nasty human being. Like nasty. Stench. True stench.

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  13. Ben Affleck speaks about Islamophobia X

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